1. What is the registration cost?

Participation in the conference is free.


2. Who can register for the conference?

Anyone who is interested in the subject of carbon dioxide capture and utilization. On the other hand, the conference is aimed particularly at representatives of science and industry to share knowledge on the development of new CCU technologies.


3. Is it possible to be a Speaker?

Yes. To this end, an abstract of the speech should be submitted via email by September 28th -> more info on the conference website in the "Call for Papers" section.


4. Will the conference be in Polish or in English?

The conference will be in Polish and English, with a simultaneous translation service available.


5. What is the deadline to sign up for the conference?

You can register for the conference until October 5th 2021. To ensure a high-quality online transmission, the number of viewers is limited to about 150 people. Reservation is on a "first come, first served" basis.


6. How can I participate in live discussions?

During the conference, a chat stream will be available where you will be able ask questions to Speakers.